White Tiger Graphics is know for our fast precision with this process. Our team of printers have extensive experience in this printing process. Screen printing can be used to print on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, paperboard, plastics, glass, metals, fabrics, and many other materials. Some common products include signage, posters, labels, decals, and all types of textiles and electronic circuit boards.
Lenticular printing
Lenticular printing is the combining of interlaced electronic images with a specially designed, plastic lenticular lens. The illusion of depth, motion, or other effects makes this a great way to caption your consumers attention. Lenticular imaging has the ability to transform any of your flat imaging into multi image, motion and/or 3D, creating unbelievable visual impact.

Lenticular applications include Point of Purchase (POP) displays, posters, signage, pack inserts, promotions, mailers, business cards, bookmarks, keyrings, credit cards.
Digital Wide Format Printing

Our state of the art facility includes a complete prepress shop, multiple wide format printers of up to 60 inch width, and a complete finishing shop for laminating and mounting on board. Wide format printing can be used in a large varity of ways, such as, Point of Purchase signage, trade show graphics, posters, retail signage, banners, Etc.

Digital Offset Printing with variable data

The major differences between digital offset and lithographic offset are realized in the process time, print runs, economics, and personalization options. Digital Offset processing times are greatly reduced from standard offset printing due to no need for the creation of plates for the print, this also enhances the process speed, but also is economically significant. The largest advantage to Digital Offset is the ability to create multiple variations of a single print, all generated dynamically, and all processed within a single print run.

Laminating / Mounting / Finishing

White Tiger can mount or laminate any of your digital or screenprinted pieces to foam core, magnetic sheeting, plastic or any other countless materials. Custom dies, special folds and trims are also available.

In-House Design Department
We can except art from your art department or we could design the art from our in-house art department. We examine the art and make sure the set-up is set for optimal production. If we see anything that will help the bottom line, we address it. We also offer last minute editing and digital or hard copy proofing. Making things easier for you.
Distribution & Operational Supports
We can ship to a single location or to multi-locations for tiered national promotions. We help to organize your project completion to better integrate into your current workflow. Custom order forms, helpful customer service, and knowledge of efficient order bundling and shipping solutions. White Tiger Graphics is driven to help make your project completion easier.
Digital Templates & Stock Systems
We have a digital archive system of all our in-house projects and create detailed templates for future projects. This helps us better understand our clients needs for future projects. Along with digital archival systems we can have created stock systems for our clients. This helps our clients who know they have repeat orders, they can call us and have things waiting for them.